Welcome to
Yamamoto Ryokan



Good location, 5 minutes walk from Kyoto Gojo Ohashi!
There are “Kiyomizu-dera” and “Kennin-ji” within walking distance.

“Kiyomizu-Gojo” station is also about a 5-minute walk,
If you stretch your legs a little, you can also go to Fushimi and Arashiyama.

After sightseeing, relax in a Machiya-style Japanese-style room …
A homely taste of Kyoto Kaiseki …

Please spend a time in Kyoto at our hotel.

Company name Yamamoto Ryokan Co., Ltd.
Facility name Yamamoto Ryokan
Headquarters 3-412 Gojobashihigashi, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Phone number 075-561-0787
Representative Director Norihiro Yamamoto
Date of establishment November 02, 1987


Machiya-style Japanese-style room (8-10 tatami mats),
Business single room (6 tatami mats),
Machiya style hall (21-24 tatami mats)
there is.
Please spend a time in Kyoto at our hotel.

Machiya-style Japanese-style room 1

Machiya-style Japanese-style room 2

Machiya-style Japanese-style room 3

Business single room 1

Machiya-style Japanese-style Hall 1

Machiya-style Japanese-style Hall 2


  • Dinner
  • Morning
Our specialty "Sukiyaki" using meat carefully selected and procured by our chef from Kyoto "Ginkakuji Onishi", seasonal ingredients, and homely Kyoto vegetables unique to the ancient city Please enjoy carefully selected dishes such as "Kyoto cuisine" in your own room.
Please enjoy a gentle and refreshing breakfast such as the famous soup rolls and yudofu. Inject energy with breakfast at the inn! Let's start a fun day.


  • Kiyomizu-dera Temple
    Over 1200 years have passed since the foundation of Kiyomizu-dera Temple.
    15 minutes on foot
  • Sanju-Sangen-do Temple
    Sanjusangendo a temple is located in Higashiyama (eastern part of Kyoto)
    10 minutes on foot
  • Kodai-ji Zen Temple
    Kodai-ji Temple is located north east of Yasaka Hokanji Temple at the foot of Higashiyama Ryozen
    20 minutes on foot
  • Yasaka Shrine
    Yasaka-jinja respects Susanoo-no-mikoto,Kushiinadahime-no-mikoto, and Yahashira-no-mikogami.
    25 minutes on foot
  • Rokuharamitsu-ji Temple
    Rokuharamitsuji is a temple of the Shingon sect Chiyama school in Higashiyama Ward.
    3 minutes on foot
  • Chion-in
    Chion-in is located in Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto, and is connected to Honen, the founder of the Jodo sect.
    30 minutes on foot
  • Nishiki-Market
    “Nishiki Market” has a wide variety of seasonal ingredients from Kyoto.
    15 minutes by train
  • Kenninji Temple
    Kenninji is the oldest Zen temple in Japan, which was built in 1202 by Shogun Minamoto no Yoriie.
    10 minutes on foot
  • Fushimi Inari Shrine
    the main shrine of “Inari-san” who has been worshiping people for 1300 years.
    10 minutes by train


Those who come by train

5 minutes walk east from Keihan Railway “Kiyomizu-Gojo Station”
20 minutes walk southeast from Hankyu train “Kyoto Kawaramachi Station”

Those who come by car

From the Meishin “Kyoto Higashi I.C.” exit (20 minutes)
From the Meishin “Kyoto Minami I.C.” up exit (25 minutes)
From the Dainikeihan “Kamogawa Nishi I.C.” exit (10 minutes)

It is located on the east side of Gojo-dori on Route 1 across the Gojo Ohashi Bridge.
When using a taxi, please explain to the driver “20m further east of Gojo-dori Bright Hall”.

Those who come by Kyoto City Bus

“Gojozaka” (5 minutes walk west to the hotel)
Stop Bus-No. 58, No. 86, No. 100, No. 110, No. 202, No. 206, No. 207

“Kawaramachi Gojo” (10 minutes walk east to the hotel)
Stop Bus-No. 4, No. 5, No. 17, No. 80, No. 205